Get to Know Chef Brother Luck.

Chef Brother Luck’s Culinary World

Get to know Chef Brother luck

The story of Chef Brother Luck began long before the spotlight shined on him. The dedication to achieving his dreams was built on perseverance and time.

We know about the story of chef Brother from what we’ve seen on the tv screens. Chef Brother has made several appearances on tv cooking competition shows. You probably recognize Chef Brother from; Chopped, Winning his episode of Beat Bobby Flay, and Top Chef Season 15 & 16. I know when I watched the recent season of Top Chef I was always rooting for the dishes Chef Brother sent to the judges table. There is so much more to a chef than what you see on camera.

The Journey of Chef Brother is an interesting one that did not happen overnight. What shaped Chef Brother started with the desire to put in the work. His passion developed in high school and he sought out experienced chefs to take him under their wing so he could refine his technical skills. Chef Brother was able to pick up enough scholarships to attend The Art institute of Phoenix. In 2016 his culinary story took him to Japan and China. These culinary cultures made such a profound impact on Chef Brother that it influenced both his cooking style and perspective.

Chef Brother has a passion to source amazing ingredients

“I look at it this way, there are four key people who I need to work with to source amazing ingredients: hunters, gatherers, farmers and fishermen.” – Chef Brother Luck

Chef Brother Luck allowed me to pick his culinary mind in a recent interview.

What would you like to share about yourself our your culinary journey? “I’ve been cooking competitively since I was 14 years old.   I’ve always been training for culinary competitions and think it’s a big reason I do so well under pressure“.

What is your favorite thing about being a chef? “My favorite thing about being a chef is inspiring and helping the people I come in contact with.   I love seeing the lights click in a cook or taking a guest on a sensory journey“.

How has tv changed your culinary path or passion to the culinary craft?
“Being on television taught me to be comfortable with myself and stop seeking validation from others.   I realized that television shows are lucky to get me and not the other way around”.

What are the projects you are working on right now?
“My biggest project right now is protecting the livelihood of both of my restaurant.   It’s been a tough year and we’re still struggling to survive”.  

What is a culinary tip from Chef Brother? ” A tip I always suggest is “Mis En Place”, have everything in it’s place before you start something.   This goes beyond the kitchen and I apply it to my life”.   

What is the best thing you have ever eaten?
Best thing I’ve ever eaten was Chris Scott’s Biscuits on Top Chef“.

What is the surprising food you enjoy?
“The most surprising food I enjoy is canned smoked oysters with Tabasco”.

Do you have any hard to believe culinary tales?
“One time I had to climb into a 500 degree rotary oven because the prime ribs fell off the shelf.   One of the cooks held me by my feet as I went headfirst into the flames while covered with dish towels.   Totally saved the prime ribs though”!

What is your favorite tool & ingredient in the kitchen?
“My favorite tool is my micro planer and my favorite ingredient is cumin seeds”.

Which chef has influenced you.
“Marcus Samuelsson is someone I respect and have been influenced by over the years. He’s really amazing and I’m grateful to have him always give great advice”.  

Anything else you want people to know about Chef Brother Luck?
“I’m just humbled that people find my life interesting…..  I appreciate everyone who rocks with me”.

Chef Brother has two restaurants he is passionate about and he has poured his culinary soul into.


“Our cuisine is continuously influenced by Four main providers who supply our ingredients; the hunter, the gatherer, the fisherman and the farmer. These people are truly the beginning of every dish we imagine as the seasons change.” – Chef Brother Luck

Lucky Dumpling Logo

As a young boy growing up in San Francisco, my parents would always take me on special journeys to eat dumplings throughout Chinatown.

I would always order the same dish each time which has since become my obsession; Dumplings.

When I enrolled into culinary school at 18 years old my first question on the first day was “How do I make dumplings from scratch?”

Over the next 20 years, I would continue to educate myself on perfecting my recipes by traveling through Asia to better understand the history and techniques of traditional dumpling making.