Paniolo Bbq- “Will be sure to make your taste buds dance”

BBQ Mac n Cheese with pulled pork

The food landscape of Simi Valley is sprinkled with local favorites. I ran a poll on the food choices in Simi Valley and there was no clear winner on which restaurant is “The Best”. Based on the variety of responses I got and the restaurants that were selected more than others I saw an overwhelming theme. The theme is that Comfort food is king in this town. So based on that theme I feel pretty comfortable with recommending Paniolo BBQ!

Loco Moco

Paniolo Bbq is “comfort” food with ‘Ono flare. The food I ordered was delicious and “made my taste buds dance” as they say at The food was built on flavor and not fuss. The pictures I took may not lead to extra ooh and ahhh’s on Instagram but it led to a few ooohs and ahhs from my taste buds.

Huli Huli Chicken – Rice Bowl

Paniolo means cowboy in Hawaiian. The goal of this restaurant is to honor tradition while still infusing new flavors. The flavors in my food hit my expectations. The meat was well flavored, the bbq sauce had a nice tang. Most of all it was served with hospitality.

If you are looking for Hawaiian comfort food I think you will be pleased with this spot. I also hear that the owner likes to help future owners incubate their ideas by having “guest” feature their food in his establishment. This gives future owners a chance to see what’s it’s really like running a restaurant before they hula on their own. This hospitality is so invaluable to the people he’s helped.

Located inside TJ’s sports bar at

5710 E. Los Angeles Ave Simi Valley, Ca 93063

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