Chef responds to recent article 27 health and nutrition tips that are evidence based.

Not actually the chef that responded.
photo by pexels

An anonymous chef responded to a recent article with his own real life take on the tips. These tips from the chef are not actually evidence based but based on the school of hard knocks.

  • Don’t drink sugar calories – “I’d love to follow this advice but that sugar boost I get from the energy drink sure helps me wake up for my dinner rush.”
  • Eat nuts. ” Nuts are actually the only thing I have time to eat on my 5-minute break before we have to inventory the freezer for the third time.’
  • Avoid processed junk food- ” what else is open at 2 am after closing up the restaurant. Do you really think I have time to make my own food after work.”
  • Don’t fear coffee- ” I don’t fear coffee, I just fear having to take a bathroom break while I have a full wheel of tickets.”
  • Eat fatty fish.- ” I think I’m over my quota for salmon this shift.”
  • Get enough sleep – ” I’ll sleep on my day off……….You called me in on my day off.”
  • Take care of your gut health with fiber and probiotics – “Thats why I drink beer”
  • Drink some water especially before meals.- ” that’s an actual thing? Isn’t there water in beer?
  • Don’t overcook or burn your meat.- I have been saying this for year’s but I was told the customer was always right.”
  • Avoid bright lights before sleep.- “I need to know what happened in the world in the 15 hours since I last touch-based with the world
  • Take vitamin D3 if you don’t get much sun exposure – ” Is there D3 in a heat lamp? I am exposed all night long in the window?”
  • Eat vegetables and fruits.- “That just made my case for a Hawaiian Pizza.”
  • Make sure to eat enough protein.-” Yet another vote for pizza.”
  • Do some cardio- “You try balancing 8 saute pans at once.”
  • Don’t smoke, do drugs, and only drink in moderation. – I agree with you here but what’s moderation mean?”
  • Minimize your sugar intake. “How much sugar in 3 energy drinks?”
  • Don’t eat a lot of refined carbs.- ” How you going to tell me pizza is a great food choice one minute and come back at me with this.”
  • Don’t fear saturated fat- “I know that’s called flavor.”
  • Lift heavy things- “check I have been lifting 40# cases of soda for years.”
  • Avoid artificial trans fat.- ” I’ll swap out fries for onion rings.”
  • Use plenty of herbs and spices. ” no gripe here, herbs and spices are essential.”
  • Take care of your relationships.- “I try but I’m always working.”
  • Track your food intake now and then.” – I don’t have time for this, I’m lucky if I’ll have time to track the food from my plate to my mouth.”
  • If you have excess fat get rid of it.- “What is excess fat.”
  • Don’t go on a diet. – “No plans to diet”
  • Eat eggs yolks and all.- ” of course, I’m not wasting the yolks.”
Photo by tenor

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