Lamb Taco with Homemade Tortilla’s

The flavor of smoked lamb is fantastic on it’s own but when you add it to the magnificence that is the taco your going to elevate the taco to new heights.

Smoked Lamb Sauteed With Onions And Apples.

The lamb pares well with the sweetness and slightly tart apples throw in some onions and sautee. Since the lamb was already pre smoked it didn’t take long. Just look for some caramelized color on the onions and apples.

I made my own creama by combing Greek yogurt and ricotta cheese with a splash of lemon juice, black pepper and green onions.
Fresh tortillas are a recommended addition to any taco.

1 part masa,1 part very warm tap water, and a few pinches of salt. That is it. The hardest part of the tortilla preparation is to not overwork the masa. Also, add the water slowly as you may not need all of it. When your tortilla dough is formed into a nice dough ball that is nether too wet or too dry form into little balls. Press the balls into tortillas between plastic sheets like a gallon Ziploc bag cut in half. Use a tortilla press or the bottom of a nice flat pan and your cutting board. Cook the tortillas on a nice hot griddle.

Finished of with persimmons and salsa roja

These tacos have a nice balance and they hit so many different notes. I finished the tacos with some persimmons we had hanging around the house. The persimmons certainly were a complementary addition to the tacos. They worked because the texture mimicked a tomato but added a touch more sweetness.

Enjoy your happy taco dance.

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