Product review of Misen 3 Qt. Saute pan

Aesthetically the pan is gorgeous.

There is something that draws a cook to a gorgeous well-crafted pan. Could it be that we are all attracted to shiny objects. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I do know it reminds me of the walls in a professional kitchen. So maybe we feel transported to a  restaurant we dream of owning cooking the daily specials. Whatever the case this pan starts out well. The pan feels well crafted and sturdy with a solid amount of weight.

So far I have used this pan several times and it has quickly emerged as the go-to pan in my kitchen and is simply as advertised. I love it when you have a tool in the kitchen that is not one dimensional. This pan has met my expectations head on and come out shining. Cleaning up this pan so far has been   very easy no hard scrubbing required. The way this pan balance the heat is beautifully done.

The people at have won here and make a pan worthy of any cook. This pan steps up to the plate and will help you master your kitchen. Any item that adds to your ability to shine is a win. Be sure to stop by and check out their great lineup of products.

Misen 3qt saute pan

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