Italia’s Pizza Kitchen

True pizza connoisseurs know the secret is in the dough. That motto is something Italia’s Pizza Kitchen takes so seriously they decided to stamp it on every box. IPK is changing the frozen dough game. The dough once defrosted is pretty tremendous. The versatility of what you can do with it and the ease to work with is evident from the moment you roll it out. This do is by no means tempermental.

A true statement good pizza is 90% about the dough.

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this product so naturally I had to investigate. I was impressed with the way it handles, the taste and overall quality. The quality is excellent even when compared to fresh dough. It is available in a pizza kit or just by the dough. I found this at Gelson’s in the freezer section.

The Secret is in the dough

Italia’s Pizza Kitchen

Head to Gelson’s Market to pick this up.

Ask your supermarket to stock it on their shelves

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