What excites your palate?

This Fried Avocado Burrito Bowl Was Delicious

I started this blog with the intention of exploration of the world of food and drink and all things that come along with the subject matter. I work in the industry and I am constantly seeing new things that make the food we consume even more exciting. I love how the professionals in this industry push the limits of what is possible.

Take for example this burrito bowl. I’m sure it was not invented at this moment in time. It is however not your everyday rendition of a taco salad or tostada bowl. Since it was not the norm it piqued my palate’s interest and I enjoyed an exciting and fulfilling lunch.

Often times the mundane or the routine can put our palate in a rut that needs to be ignited by something that sparks what we love about food. Food is the art to our stomach and aside from our needs to nourish our health we need to nourish our soul. Food helps with that, at least for me.

As I continue my mission to explore what’s exciting in culinary realm. I hope the day never comes that food and drink stops being exciting. It is incredibly awe-inspiring what is being done creatively to push food to new levels. I intend to seek them out every day.

One thought on “What excites your palate?

  1. Nope! I leave avocados alone. I don’t even like to purée them in dressings because it’s kind of a waste. I love them as is. But I love your creativity, and don’t envy your job as a chef. Hard work.


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