Food Doesn’t Always Need to Be Fancy

Go ahead and devour it!

Do you really think every dish a chef prepares is ready for the “gram”?

The ice cream sundae I made is far from picture-perfect. Not because I don’t have the ability to make a “perfect sundae” but because life happens. There are many times where I just put things together because they taste good. Who cares that I’m missing the whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. The hot fudge clumped up on me because midway through my concoction of deliciously fulfilling proportions my daughter needed her dad. Duty called and the fudge cooled down. I know I could have heated it up again but the taste was still there and that was my primary focus.

So what I’m saying here in the long and short of it is feel free to be imperfect from time to time. Spend a little less time on perfection and more time on enjoying your food!

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