Cookie Magic…..

What is it about cookies do they contain a mysterious formula to happiness?

The majority of the ingredients in cookies definitely don’t taste magical on their own. Combined in the right quantities they make for a magical treat.

Cookies are like people. Like people cookies, come in many different shapes, variations, sizes and tastes. You see you could have 2 chocolate chip cookies that taste completely different despite similar ingredients with a few variables.

When we are talking about magic I’m not talking about the Keebler elves casting spells on cookies near and far. Cookie magic is the magic of hospitality in a microcosm. Small acts of hospitality magic can change the world. So in a sense the act of baking cookies and distributing them can have an impact that expands well beyond your kitchen.

What would you say is the magic? Is it the physical cookie or what the cookie represents? Maybe we are looking too deeply when the obvious answer is hidden in our senses. The magic is in the essence. The hypnotic smell that oozes from the oven as it bakes. The smell of the cookies baking in the oven will bring people from the corners of the room anxious to devour the tasty treat. Sharing cookies with family or friends can have a trickle down effect. So maybe just maybe to change the world we start with cookies!

Happiness starts with cookies- Photo by tenor

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