Chicken Tocino

I was challenged to make a Filipino dish for the blog and since the first choice is often adobo or pancit I decided to research a different dish. After scrolling through endless ideas on the web I decided on Chicken Tocino.

Chicken Tocino

Season the chicken with salt, pepper, brown sugar, orange juice, garlic cloves, and banana sauce, and crushed pineapple, let the chicken marinate 4 to 24 hours. Allowing the chicken time to absorb the flavor and also saturating flavor all the way through your chicken.

Chicken taking a bath in pure flavor.

Took cook the chicken sear it off in a hot pan to add some golden complexion. Next, add that marinade packed with deliciousness to the pan and bring to a boil. Once you hit the boil reduce to a slow simmer. Cook until the chicken hits 165 deg.

Chicken Tostino Simmering.

Serve this dish with some garlic fried rice and a sunny side up egg. Add a vegetable for a balance of health and wellness. Remember to enjoy yourself responsibly. As in don’t eat the whole pan of chicken Yoshino in one sitting.

Chicken Tocino the video

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