The Key to Happiness……

The key to true happiness is not far away. To find true happiness look around in any direction and there is something close by that can assist you in your quest to find happiness nirvana. On your journey to find happiness there are many factors that are out of our control and since we have no control we will not focus on them. In this post I am focusing on foods that aid in our happiness. This is a food blog so I offer food advice……

There are many elements that trigger happiness, food happens to be a big part of the equation. Photo by Pexels

Remember the words I’m about to say….Dopamine , Serotonin, Vitamin C, Iron, Betaine, Tryptophan, Folate, iodine, Resveratrol…these are all things in the foods we eat that can assist us in being happier. Being happier in any equation is the key to happiness.

Honey increases serotonin & dopamine

Foods like Honey, Olive Oil, Blueberries,Dark Chocolate, Yogurt, Mango, Halibut, Beets, Seaweed, and Asaparagus are a few of the Foods that contain these happy helpers. Healthy fats improve mood. Some of the foods reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Vitamin C has been shown to lower depression and stress. The thing is Food is a key part of happiness and we should Eat more foods in their natural forms because that is the way it was intended!

Food is a key to happiness.

Regardless of all the science or health tips out there, just look at the happiness that food can bring. Ever see a sad kid licking an ice cream cone? Ever bite into a chocolate bar and thought this makes me unhappy? I’m not talking about over indulging I’m talking about enjoying a responsible amount. The other thing food can do is bring us together as a people as a nation…a wise saying said Let us eat Cake (chocolate cake).

Happy Food = Happy People its the easiest math equation and pretty good life equation.

” So what I’m really saying is grab a bowl and a spoon and fit as many happy ingredients in it as possible to make a truly happy meal”

-Brent Elzinga

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