What are your 6?

Whats your 6? #projectmysterydish

#projectmysterydish is an idea I had to bring some fun into the ground hog days we are currently living in. The concept is simple and a take on some cooking shows we have seen in the past. Id like it to be a precursor for a cause that benefits a charity but I would like to get traction before we take it there.

The concept is a 6 ingredient challenge ( not including fillers, seasoning, and garnish which are allowed). To kick it off and provide inspiration. I did a pre-contest example. My 6 ingredients were ; Halibut, Acorn Squash, Figs, Blackberrys, Golden Beets, and Dandelion Greens.

Portioned and seasoned halibut with the help of my Kamikoto Slicing knife. Ready to grill on a cedar plank.
Roasted most of the components in the oven.

To finish I garnished it with roasted fennel, radish, and limes. I was pretty happy with the dish although I woild swap out the dandelion greens as they were a bit to bitter for this dish.

The dish is visually appealing and was tasty when you married the flavors.

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