Unboxing Kamikoto’s Kanpeki Knife Set- Review from an Experienced Chef

I had the pleasure to review the Kamikoto Knives that have taken over the industry! Check out the Video. *Sponsored Post* by Kamikoto

Kamikoto Knives are worth your investment

Like a child at Christmas when I unwrapped the knives from their wood box I could tell these knives were glorious. Well crafted with great weight. The single bevel blade shows elite craftsmanship.

I pulled put a lime to cut and the blade slid through like butter. Everything I cut was effortless. A radish I cut made paper jealous it was cut so thin.

Vegetable prep with Kamikoto is a breeze.
Cutting paper thin slices with Kamikoto is an easy feat.

Head to Kamikoto.com and order your quality knives today……I mean it like right now.

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