The magnetic Carving station

Flank Steak carved up goodness

You have seen it before and its almost always a draw the carving station. Often a highlight of special events and buffets near you. The carving station is a draw but what makes it so special? When the food is served to you its oftentimes accompanied by a smile and anticipation of the delicious bite of meaty goodness you will soon be enjoying at your table. The one thing thats often missing is the garnish or accessory to your dish. Garnishing is often crafted to highlight and enhance a dish prepared by the Chefs in the back of the house. The garnish adds to the dimension of a dish turning our food into art. So the carving station and a chef prepared work of art excite our palates in different ways. The visual symphony of a Chef carving meat and the presentation of a beautiful plate of food really both do the trick one engages you you in the performance and the other is stimulating to the creative portion of your brain.

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