Appreciate Basil

Ocimum Basilicum or Basil as we call it is an herb that is probably something you’ve cooked with many times before. It is probably outside of parsley or cilantro the most common herb in our kitchens. Basil originated in Asia and Africa until the world found out about its great flavor. There are estimated to be close to 150 different types of basil.

Basil and Tomatoes complete each other!

Basil matches perfectly with anything tomato. Squash, Soups,Eggplant,Sauces,Tea and Craft cocktails also are great uses for basil. Basil is a decent source of Vitamin K with 13% of suggested daily allowance per tablespoon. When cooking add the basil near the end or just before serving to keep the flavor from being diluted.

Studies into the health benefits of basil have yielded promising findings although the quantity of data is still minimal. Basil potentially helps with reducing effects of diabetes,memory loss,alternative to antibiotics, acne treatment, bug bite treatment, nausea, antioxidant,headache,stress reduction, repel insects and depression among other theories.

It is said if you pour hot water over bruised leaves in a cup and put a towel over your head and inhale the steam it will rid you of or reduce the headache.

Basil tea headache cure ?

Fun fact ….Basil was once thought to turn into a scorpion if placed under a pot !!! I love the flavor of basil and ill bet you do to hopefully this information enriched your day and excited your mind.

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