Turning Leftovers Into Featured Dishes

Sautéed Steak on a Sweet and Savory Potato Bed with thickened Au jus. Sautéed Spinach & Bacon on a Parmigiano Masa Cake with roasted Cherry tomatoes glazed and maple reduction.

I prepared this dish using the leftovers of my wife’s Birthday meal. We had picked up dinner from Sutters Mill in Simi Valley. The portions from their meal for two deal were big enough to leave food for the next day. Instead of just eating the same thing for the second night ( something that does actually happen most times) I decided to kick the meal up with some pizzaz.

This was the original bay meal. Prime Rib Dinner with King Crab

Just want to say the meal we ordered from Sutters Mill in Simi Valley was pretty good. My wife ranks crab among her favorite foods. The food was good but not something that you’ve never experienced before.

Turning leftovers into new dishes can be a great way to explore your creative side and bring out your inner chopped champion. Don’t be afraid to try. I am sure there is some items in your fridge that could use some excitement in their lives.

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