Understanding Rosemary!

Rosemary is a very common herb that is widely available in stores and gardens all over. Did you realize that rosemary is a Sinus remedy? Add a Rosemary to your hot shower and it will assist with opening up those stubborn sinuses. (Note not a dr)

Rosemary’s flavor profile is woodsy,lemon,pine,peppery,and slightly bitter.

Rosemary pairs well with Bbq, Italian, French cuisine. Ingredients that pair well are Strawberries, Lemon/citrus fruits, meats and fish, cheese.

Have you ever thought about pairing rosemary with lemon flavored dessert such as lemon meringue pie or a citrus sorbet?

Rosemary also offers health benefits (again not a dr just play one on a blog) alertness, improved memory, indigestion issues, arthritis/joint relief, hairloss. As a side note dont overdue your new love of rosemary since it was noted you can reach toxic levels of consumption.

Herb in spotlight; Rosemary

Fun fact did you know rosemary deters bugs, they hate the smell with a passion. Store some in places like your closet to rid your self of those varmints.

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