A Chefs tool shares a deep connection of the roads they have traveled.

This Knife is part of my journey, what tools make your journey?

This knife’s journey began in a factory and on to the shelf of a shop ready for someone to buy. The knife had no identity other then 8 inch classic Wusthof Chefs knife.

The story of a Chefs knife is so much more than a brand that’s on the knife. The story is the journey a chef or cook takes through the life of the tool.

My knife has been with me for over 23 years. The story behind this knife started as I had decided to go to Culinary School after high school. I was working at Dairy Queen and every paycheck I would put away money to buy the tools I needed for culinary school. This was the first knife I purchased, a proud moment for me. I felt in that moment my journey had begun. I could not wait to use it, but I waited until school started because I wanted my knife to be in mint condition.

This knife has held up quite nicely as I have taken great care to make sure it stays sharp. The journey this knife has followed has included many events for thousands of people from all walks of life, many hours spent prepping ingredients and cutting into the final masterpiece. My knife brings me back through a snapshot of where I have been and reminds me my journey is not over. My knife sits in my kitchen at home ready to get to work on the next journey we will take.

It’s not all about the price you spend to purchase a tool. I have used both expensive and inexpensive knives and sometimes you get what you pay for but other times a slightly more affordable version can help you accomplish the same task with little difficulty. Remeber the tool doesn’t make the Chef or the cook. The journey makes you. What will you experience today and what tool will you be bringing with you?

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