The Ranch House in Ojai, Ca is a Romantics Culinary Find.

On a regular day last week the wife and I got in the car and just drove. We wanted to go somewhere to” breathe” and fuel our sense of adventure. With an under 2 year old and the covid drama we are facing right now the “Date Night has been an elusive dream. The kind you only see in movies”. We drove for about an hour and ended in Ojai, CA around 7 pm we pulled over saw a few deer running around and inhaled the fresh air. I pulled out my phone and browsed through local restaurants but to my frustration most were closed or closing by this time.

We settled on The Ranch House after reviewing the Yelp reviews. We donned our mask and entered the enchanted patio area of the restaurant with lots of trees, koi pond , and herb garden. Luckily they were very hospitable and allowed us to dine even though I think they had already had the final seating of the night. My impression was that this world we entered was a historic and magical place to dine.

Side note The Ranch House does indeed have a long and storied history, check it out for yourself at

Now to the food. We both chose the 3 course menu.

For apps we had the Crab cakes and Pork Belly. I enjoyed the Pork Belly more then the crab cakes because it imbued my palate and senses just a bit more than the crab cakes.

Pork Belly was as delicious as it looks and definitely worthy of my taste buds!

Second course my Wife picked the Salmon and I choose one of my favorite menu choices The Duck. Both items were very enjoyable and prepared nicely.

“Oh my gosh this dish is amazing” according to my wife.
The Duck was cooked well

Finally dessert we enjoyed a flourless chocolate cake and a cheesecake. Both were good desserts but nothing transformative. All in all it was a great meal. The atmosphere and the company truly made it a wonderful night. It was good to get out and share a special meal. Thank you The Ranch House.

Tell me who doesn’t like chocolate?

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