Hand Crafted Pizza with Yogurt Dough!

Pepperoni and mushroom pizza
Italian Sausage and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes Pizza

Have you heard the legend of a pizza dough made with 2 ingredients? Months back I caught word of the legend and I had to take a culinary journey to test the legendary tale. The journey took longer then expected because there was a shortage of self rising flour in the world. One day as I had lost hope while getting a hankering for one of my other favorite foods ( ice cream in this instance it was Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy) I finally found the elusive bag of GOLD Medal “Expertly Milled in the USA” self rising flour. I added it to my cart along with the other ingredients for the pizza pie. Before I left the local Vons I needed the second piece of the equation Greek yogurt. I snapped up a quart of plain OIKOS and headed to the checkout.

As soon as I got home I preheated the oven to 450 and oiled up my cast iron. I proceeded to ready my kitchen aid mixer with dough hook. Out came the measuring cups and I measured 1.5 cups flour and 1 cup yogurt added to the bowl and fired up the magic. After a few minutes it formed into a ball. Let that ball rest about 20 minutes and then proceed to roll out my dough and top with my desired ingredients. After 18 minutes of baking we pull out a glorious pizza.

This recipe is Legit give it a try and you’ll never go back to that frozen pizza stuff ever again.

#goldmedalflour #oikos #ben&Jerry’s #vons

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