Donuts of Delight !

Oliboli Donuts in Tustin is a treasure. I took a trip to Oliboli with my wife and daughter this past Saturday. Entering the donut shop you are welcomed by staff that is very helpful. There is a nice selection of creatively crafted donut gems. My wife and I picked out 4 different selections.

Peanut Butter Banana- Tasty with great peanut and banana flavor.

Vegan Bibingka Coconut cake – If you are looking for a crunchy vegan cake donut this would work.

Oli Bollen- The namesake…..a Dutch Gem. These donuts are highly recommended they practically melted in our mouth.

Oeup- Delicious fry bread with ricotta cheese , bearnaise sauce, poached egg and fresh herbs were a savory addition to our experience.

If your in Tustin and need a treat get your donut on at Oliboli !

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